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Our dentists provide the highest standard of care, with technically advanced technology for optimum benefits. High quality care and personal attention are key to our success.


Emergency Appointments

Do you have a dental emergency?   At Stonehealth Clinic we ensure every patient is treated on an individual basis and receives the personal attention that they need. Call +44 (0)20 3944 8776


Hygienist Appointments

Not having  regular dental hygiene visits, you will find the calculus or tartar (calcified deposits on the teeth) forms by the presence of saliva, debris, minerals and plaque. Call now to make an appointment.


Tooth Whitening 

Smile with confidence with the latest in tooth whitening technology. We can provide kits to whiten teeth in your own home.


Design Smile

With a new Digital technique, we can preview the results of your cosmetic dental treatment before beginning it. Get the smile you always wanted.



With the latest in orthodontics, we can correct and straighten teeth to give you the confidence to smile again.


Crowns and Fillings

Make an appointment today.



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“I’m really grateful to Stonehealth Clinic for my new smile! Really friendly & totally professional”

Ms Egle Voel, Patient

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