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So what is a hygiene visit? 

Dental hygienists are specially trained clinicians that clean teeth professionally, which is usually referred to as scaling and polishing. The hygienist plays a vital role in the dental team, and perhaps their most important task is showing patients the best way to keep their teeth free of plaque. A hygienist can also give advice on diet and preventing dental decay and maintaining gum health. A dental hygiene visits are also a preventative measure for oral health,as the build up of calculus can cause for problems. A hygienist can help prevent bleeding gums

Calculus can form both above and below the gum line. Supragingival calculus (above the gum line) is the visible deposit that forms on the surface of the teeth. Subgingival calculus (below the gum line) forms in pockets between teeth and gums. It is more harmful as it facilitates faster growth of plaque.

Not having  regular dental hygiene visits, you will find the calculus or tartar (calcified deposits on the teeth) forms by the presence of saliva, debris, minerals and plaque. Its rough surface provides an ideal medium for plaque formation and bacterial growth. This causes inflammation of the gums and can lead to gum recession. Calculus also absorbs unaesthetic stains far more easily than natural teeth.

What to expect at the appointment

The hygienist  will use a small mirror to inspect your teeth before treatment.  The hygienist uses a scaler to remove plaque and tartar build up from the teeth and gum line. The more of a build up of  tartar and plaque there is around your teeth and gums, the more time the hygienist will need to remove the build up. Brushing and flossing stops plaque from building up and hardening into tartar.  So if this is your least favourite part of the teeth cleaning process, the lesson is to brush and floss more often, as well as the routine visits to the dentist. Our hygienist will let you know when to book the next visit.

Hygienist Treatments 

Clean smile – 30 minutes – £69
Super smile – 45 minutes Stain Removal Air Polish – £95
Fissure Sealants (Per Tooth) – £50


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  • Did you know that 19 out of 20 people suffer from gum disease at some point in their life? This makes it the most common, non-infectious disease in the world !!!
  • Gum disease is the main cause for loss of adult teeth.
  • If plaque is allowed to build up, acid can begin to break down the surface of your tooth. This can cause holes known as cavities, as well as gum disease, and in severe cases abscesses and tooth loss.
  • A recent study found a link between bacteria that causes gum disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

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