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Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatments we offer at Stonehealth Clinic

Here at the Stonehealth Clinic we endeavour to reach the best results through an understanding of patient wants and need, thus achieving a high level of success for orthodontic treatment.

  • Lifestyle
  • Budget
  • Self-discipling

These are very important points to look at when considering orthodontic treatment as they heavily impact its success. We want the best for our patients, meaning certain treatments may not be the best suited to you and we will let you know this before beginning your orthodontic treatment.

Conventional Braces

Metallic Braces: Conventional braces made of stainless steel. These braces are the typical train tracks. The wire is held into the bracket with elastics and metallic ligatures.These can be either tooth coloured or metal brackets. The tooth coloured option for conventional braces are exactly the same,  but made of crystal-clear mono-crystalline sapphire, they are virtually invisible, regardless of your tooth shade. 

Lingual(Inner) Braces

Lingual braces are braces where the brackets are set on the inside of your teeth, therefore making them more discreet/invisible. They use the same components as conventional braces except that the brackets are placed on the inner surfaces of the teeth. There are two different options of lingual brace systems that we offer at Stonehealth Clinic:- 

  • 3M Incognito
  • WIN Appliance 


Is a removable and comfortable orthodontic treatment that works with clear removable trays that you need to change every 2 weeks. Each aligner will move the teeth, at least 0.25mm each aligner.  The teeth can have tooth coloured attachments, to get a better grip of aligner. The teeth are then moved into position, for that winning smile. Invisalign is a great option for non complex orthodontic cases. The aligners are discreet and near enough invisible. The aligners are to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day. 

You can book a free orthodontic consultation with Dr Antonio D’Appuzzo using the online booking.

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    Orthodontic treatments can improve your smile in 6-24 months and provide you with results and benefits that last a lifetime.

    • Healthier teeth and gums
    • Confidence to excel in school, work and personal life
    • Broader smile
    • Enhanced facial features
    • Clearer speech for interviews, public speaking, etc

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