Smile Design

With a new Digital technique, we can preview the results of your cosmetic dental treatment before beginning it.

We like to manage the expectations of our patients to the fullest. We pride ourselves on taking the latest technologies and developments in dentistry, and creating beautiful new smiles, that both our patients and Stonehealth Clinic can be proud of. 

Smile designs can be complex we try and make this smile design process easy to understand. 

Step 1. Will be to have an initial consultation with the dentist.You will have an extensive examination.

Step 2. Our dentists, at  Stonehealth Clinic will take records and makes some plaster models of your mouth. They also take photos of your face, smile and teeth, and they talk to you about the things you want to improve. By taking accurate measurements of the teeth, we can get a better understanding of what can be achieved when creating smile design. 

Step 3. Our specialist, will models in wax the shape and position of your teeth, which they have previously designed in the computer. From that modelling we create a removable acrylic mask that reproduces, in a very precise way, the final result of the treatment we are recommending. These are all produced by a GDC registered lab. 

Step 4. We will arrange an appointment where, we will place a custom-made acrylic mock up, of the proposed on your teeth. Once placed, we will take photos and show you the differences between the ‘before’ and ‘after’. Following we will explain all the details of the cosmetic treatment to you. Moreover, and in order for you to make up your mind confidently and with no pressure at all, we will hand all the pictures and the video of your aesthetic change over to you.

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