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As we get older, our teeth get darker. This may be due to smoking or from staining agents in our diet, such as tea, coffee and berries. Teeth whitening involves bleaching your teeth to make them lighter.

This is done by using a bleach such as a carbamide peroxide either at home in special mouth guards or “chair-side” whitening at the dental surgery.

Teeth whitening can’t make your teeth brilliant white, but it can lighten the existing colour by several shades. Our dentists will advise you of the best treatment to whiten your teeth. We have a number of options for you, including:

Zoom: an in-surgery teeth whitening treatment, typically takes a little over an hour to complete – the patient will leave the surgery with a smile that’s instantly brighter.

Enlighten: a premium teeth whitening system that produces outstanding whitening results every time, it can whiten teeth safely up to 16 shades lighter.

Opalescense or Polanight SDI: Home whitening kits, you can whiten your teeth gradually from the comfort of home.


“I have had quite a bit of work done at Stonehealth Clinic and I was super excited to round it all off with a final teeth whitening. It went really smooth and I particularly liked that Dr. Guillermo was very open and honest with me on ridiculous I could look with certain gradients of white. A week later I chipped my front tooth and rushed back in to fix it, they managed to squeeze me in and, once again, Guillermo did a brilliant job, he even managed to match the material used to fix the chip with the white we had previously chosen for the whitening!” Ximena Montes- Barrister








“Totalmente contento y satisfecho por el servicio recibido. todo el personal de la linica es muy professional y de manera espeial el agradecimiento al Dr. Lopez y su equipo, me solucionarion un problema dental, rapido y de manera excelente”. Cesar Pastor.


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Whitening Treatments

Professional in surgery Zoom – £550
Enlighten Whitening (home and office) – £650.00
Opalescense or Polanight SDI / Boutique Whitening (home kits) – £295.00

Special Offer on Home Kits – Just £180

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