We offer our patients a professional, premium service with aftercare of the highest calibre

Our initial consultations are not limited to any specific time constraints and are conducted on an individual basis. We ensure you are fully aware of what will be involved with the procedure and completely at ease before proceeding to the next step.

Tailor made packages and individual healthcare regimes enable us to provide a level of service that we believe is essential to maintaining your general wellbeing. Each step in the process is progressive and we only advise on treatments if you feel comfortable with every aspect involved. Your health and wellbeing, physically, mentally and emotionally are our primary and only concerns.

A personal, bespoke approach

Everybody has their own unique needs and requirements in addition to their own personal circumstance. Your lifestyle, budget and health concerns are all taken into consideration when ascertaining what course of treatment you would require.

From the initial consultation, diagnosis and treatment, through to follow up with a very responsive aftercare service, we offer prompt access to consultants and/or our Rapid Health Line services offering medical consultations by telephone or skype if required.

Costs are derived from specific course treatments and never calculated from fixed pricing, so you are always well informed of the payment plan.


Specialities, Assessments and Treatments

Stonehealth Clinic offers a wide range of healthcare packages and unparalleled quality at competitive prices. We believe that everyone deserves excellent treatment at the hands of caring professionals.

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Preventative Care

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