Microblading & Permanent Makeup: 3D Brows, Eyes & Lips (*)
prices STARTING from £250

Microneedling & Medical Tattoo: Stretch Marks, Wrinkles, Scars, Vitiligo, & 3D Nipple (*)
prices STARTING from £200

(*) NOTE
Some of these treatments are covered by some insurance policies and might be worth checking if they can use their insurance to pay.

Medical Tattooing

Cleft Lip Permanent Makeup & Scar Microneedling

Surgical Scarring in the breast area relaxation – Scar Microneedling

Areola and Nipple Reconstruction
Permanent paramedical breast restoration procedures are specifically designed for women post mastectomies, other breast surgeries, or who may have irregular or fading areolas. Permanent Areola and Nipple restoration also known as Medical Tattooing consists of micro pigmentation techniques used to recreate natural breast features.

Recommended prices
• Cleft Lip: consultation required for an estimated price but would advise £200 per hour
• Surgical Scarring: £200 per treatment or package of 3 treatments £500
• Areola and Nipple Reconstruction: £450 per Areola (free retouch treatment included in the price)

Lips Microblading

3D Eyebrows

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